Un-ban Yourself From Forums, YouTube, Facebook

Governments of specific countries have divergent positions on control and regulation of Internet and as a consequence they censor sites and restrict access to specific resources. This action is taking place in lots of countries in order to stop encouraging a human rights revolution. Restricting their access to a whole host of information they consider this a way to protect its citizen but in fact are just a human rights violation.

For a member living in one of these countries and not being able to see and read what he/she like is like living into an internet prison. A solution for this people is to hide the IP address while browsing so they can bypass through the filtering area and access the desired website, read and see and they want.

On the other side there are people banned every day on sites like Facebook or on specific forums, chat rooms, etc. Sometimes maybe wasn’t even their fault that they got banned on a chat room. Changing your IP address location with one from another country or region will give you the possibility to revisit the site you were banned from, and to post again on forums or chat in the desired chat room.

Nobody will know that you are the person banned and things will take place as previously, with the help of IP Hider. Using the software to hide IP address not only that you will come back to the old browsing habits but your tracks will always be cleaned. Browse smart with IP Hider and an entire world will open in front of your eyes.

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