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The most important feature included with the anonymous browsing software solution provided by AllAnonymity, is enhanced with the new IP Hider introducing premium proxies.

IP Hider provides features allowing user access to various information available with the World Wide Web, preventing commercial purpose personal data capture / store / usage.

Redirecting traffic via specially designed servers – proxy servers – ensures secure anonymous browsing sessions. With IP Hider proxy servers are included with the automatically updated proxy list. Details provided with the proxy server reference include IP Address, Port, Country Location.

One click anonymous sessions enabling automatically configures browser proxy settings. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer ( configured by default ), Mozilla, and Opera. Provided proxy servers do not require authentication and do not affect browsing speed / quality.

Introducing Premium Proxies

AllAnonymity efforts concentrated towards enhancing IP Hider main features.
Premium proxy list includes proxy servers exclusively dedicated to IP HIDER users providing constant browsing speed / quality. With increased proxy server availability provided with premium proxy servers, IP Hider is now more viable and efficient.

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