Easily Hide Your IP Address

Why should I hide my IP address?

Before asking yourself how to change your IP address it’s important to know why you need to change it.

The way Internet works these days is unpredictable and full of opportunities. The problem is that in most of the cases, the opportunities are hunted by hackers and online thieves. With the right tools and knowledge someone can find private information about you and your family and even private data like place you live, passwords for credit card, interests and much more.

To understand better, imagine that every time you connect to the internet, you computer is assign an unique id number which is like an identity card for your computer providing information like location, internet connection, browser used etc.

More than that, every time you open a site, personal data and content of what you see is collected without your permission.

How can I hide my IP address?

That’s why it’s important every time you browse to change your IP address location. You can easily hide your IP address with IP Hider software. This application will change your IP address by routing you internet traffic through overseas servers. Using this application, you will not only browse the web invisibly but also in complete anonymity because IP Hider will both hide IP address and clean your online tracks.

What is important is that you don’t have to be a computer master in order to hide your IP address, because IP Hider was specially created for both advanced and less advanced users. The easy-to-use interface exposes clearly all the application’s functionalities. The proxy list is improved periodically providing IP addresses all around the world which can be test in advance to be sure that suits your geographical location. After you tested the specific proxy simply hit the enable button and the application will change your IP address fast and easy.

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