Anonymous Web Surfing

Is Anonymous Web Surfing Important? The Internet is no longer a safe and secure place for you to access without any kind of protection. It presents itself with both threats and opportunities. Every time you go online your are making public your Online Identity and much more. When accessing the Internet your computer is assign an unique id …

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Top 10 web proxy sites

In a previously post I spoke about top methods used to hide the IP address and to stay invisible online. There were no examples given so I thought that for each category I should make a list with the top applications, toolbars and web proxies used. Hide My Ass. Is one of the best, a top leader …

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Shopping Online Risks

The power the Internet has given to the consumer is far more power than any seller has wanted to give. In fact, when the Internet hit its big-boom, sales and marketing divisions had to completely rethink their plans. Today, you can find anything online at extremely low prices from thousands of different websites. There are some risks …

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