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The most important feature included with the anonymous browsing software solution provided by AllAnonymity, is enhanced with the new IP Hider introducing premium proxies. IP Hider provides features allowing user access to various information available with the World Wide Web, preventing commercial purpose personal data capture / store / usage. Redirecting traffic via specially designed servers – proxy servers – ensures secure anonymous …

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Protect Your Identity and Avoid Hackers

They Know Who You Are! – Protect Your Online Identity! Hackers world wide are accessing our unprotected wireless networks and computers, monitoring our online activity, and committing crimes using our IP Address and Our Identity. Some estimates that almost 90% of all computers are infected with a form of spyware or viruses that may record keystrokes, allowing …

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Buy Premium Proxies

Buying online is the fastest and most convenient way to register your Anonymous Friend.You can pay through PayPal. The license key will be sent to you via email. Try BEFORE you Buy!Install now the FREE fully functional trial version and make sure that Anonymous Friend is working properly on your system and its features and functionalities suits your needs. …

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